At Simply Tiles and Bathrooms we offer a wide variety of tiles to create the perfect Wet room in your home. Wet rooms are large walk in showers that can be designed according to your bathroom size and using a variety of materials. Wet rooms are becoming more and more popular and we have a wide range of wet rooms to suit every taste and budget. With our creative team we can design a unique wet room to your specifications. We specialise in wet rooms and wet room equipment which enables us to create your perfect bathroom or shower area.

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What are the advantages of a wet room?

  • Wet rooms open up the bathroom creating a lot of space
  • Wet rooms are fashionable and modern shower designs
  • Wet rooms are compatible with underfloor heating
  • A walk in shower can be any size or shape
  • There are many different flooring options including tiles or concrete for your wet room
  • Wet rooms are more cost effective than using a bath
  • Wet rooms are easy to install

Wet rooms are not limited by size or space which means you are not limited in your options. Your bathroom can be transformed by a walk in shower with matching floor and wall tiles, underfloor heating and more space than a traditional bathroom would give you.

Our experienced staff at our showroom can guide you which equipment and materials is best for your wet room and which tiles work best for both the walls and the floors. The floor tiles are the most important part of any wet room and with our extensive range you can choose the colour and material that you like. The grout in between the tiles is important in wet rooms and we know which grout and which tiles will be best suited for any wet room. We can assist you in drain options, shower heads, glass colours and accessories to mean that you fully enjoy the benefits and luxury of a wet room.

We can guide you on the best methods for installation and which bathroom accessories work well in a wet room.

We want to help you get the best shower experience out of your wet room. Using tiles on the walls and floor with a wide choice of colours and styles will help to achieve a great design effect and an enjoyable experience.

Want to know more about our wet rooms tiling options, drainage, waterproofing or tanking choices come into our showroom so we can talk you through all the possibilities. In our showroom you can design your wet room, pick out your own unique design, get bathroom accessories to match and get under floor heating to create a unique bathroom for you and your family to enjoy.

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