Simply Tiles is proud to offer its UK customers the most revolutionary tiling range to hit the market in decades – Grespania’s Coverlam. Decades of research and development have brought about the creation of a new-generation collection of tiles that are larger, lighter and more versatile than anything seen before.

Coverlam tiles are made using a variety of natural materials in conjunction with a sophisticated modern pressing system. Despite measuring in at just 3.5mm in thickness, Coverlam tiles are extraordinarily strong. The addition of a 0.5mm glass fibre backing structurally reinforces the tile to an extent that goes far beyond the durability of any standard tiles on the market today. Manufactured using the most cutting-edge gas and electric hybrid kilns, the Coverlam production process is also extremely environmentally friendly.

Larger Tiles, Bigger Results.

Grespania’s unique tile-strengthening lamination technique allows for Coverlam tiles to be manufactured in the kinds of sizes that would have been impossible just a few years ago. The standard Coverlam tile size is an incredible 3000mm x 1000mm, but the collection as a whole is also available in sizes 1000mm x 1000mm, 500mm x 1000mm and 500mm x 500mm. Just as is the case with all quality porcelain tiles, Grespania’s Coverlam range can be cut to size and drilled using standard tile modification tools and glass cutters.

One of the key benefits of the Coverlam tiling range is the product’s uniquely lightweight characteristics. Along with minimising both production and shipping costs, this also makes the tiles exceptionally easy to install. Coverlam is compatible with all of the same kinds of grout and other tiling adhesives as regular porcelain tiles, though on a per-square-metre basis requires a great deal less. What’s more, with tile sizes of up to 3000mm x 1000mm, Coverlam allows for truly spectacular results in the shortest possible time with an absolute minimum of grout lines.

Uniquely Versatile.

Despite boasting a thickness of 3.5mm and a square-metre weight of just 7.8kg, Coverlam is highly resistant to UV light, exposure to chemicals, harsh weather conditions and general wear. This makes it the perfect tiling range to choose for indoor and outdoor applications alike – particularly for timber structures or those that may be unable to support the weight of conventional tiles. The large size of the tiles also allows for a faster and more affordable installation process, along with results that are guaranteed to last.

What’s more, the 3.5mm thickness of Coverlam also makes it ideal for use on top of existing wall and floor coverings without the need to necessarily remove the current surface-coating. Once again, this ensures that both installation time and costs are kept to absolute minimums.

Along with a range of finishes, Coverlam is available in multiple colours including Limestone Blanco, Limestone Gris, Limestone Marron, Limestone Beige, Wood Cerezo, Concrete Tabaco, Concrete Marfil and Oxido Negro.

Watch the Youtube video below and see how versatile Coverlam can be.

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