Visit our showroom to see a wide selection of bathroom settings and choose from a vast range of quality manufacturers products. Our showroom displays bathrooms to suite every taste and budget from period style bathrooms to contemporary designs.

We provide a 3D modelling service so you can see how your final bathroom design will look when completed.

A site survey can be arranged and we can provide a no obligation quotation. If you wish to proceed, an appointment at our showroom will be needed to finalise your requirements.

On supply only, we can help with planning your room and liaise with your own fitting team.

We offer a manufacturers guarantee on all equipment.

Our services include:

  • Free design and advice
  • No obligation quotations
  • Free delivery
  • Full guaranteed equipment

Underfloor Heating Manchester

At Simply Tiles & Bathrooms Ltd we sell the most advanced underfloor heating systems for all kind of flooring for your home and bathroom. Do not be concerned about cold tiles in the winter, with underfloor heating systems you can regulate the temperature all year round. We sell underfloor heating that is high quality and cost effective to use and quick to install.

The benefits of under floor heating are it can be your main source of heating in your room or as an additional source of heating. At Simply Tiles and Bathrooms we can guide you what heating system would work best for you individually to keep your romms warm and cosy. We have the products and support to help you decide which underfloor system would suit under tile floors, stone floors, and laminate floors so you can customise your home to keep it insulated and cost efficient.


Bathroom Underfloor Heating

We can help you choose an underfloor heating system that means when you get out of the shower or bath the tiles will be warm on your feet. This will help you to have a more warm and cosy feel in your home at all times. We can guide you on how the underfloor heating should be installed. Our underfloor heating systems can be used with wet rooms for any bathroom designs.

Kitchen Underfloor Heating

The underfloor heating in your kitchen will save wall space as you will have no need for other radiators. The underfloor heating can be set with a thermostat so when your kitchen heats up when you are cooking the floor will cool down. This thermostat is a great way to save money on unnecessary electric bills.

Conservatory Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is ideal for conservatories because the heat rises from the floor warming you and providing insulation for the room. Radiator heating on the other hand heats the air at the top of the conservatory meaning most of the heat is lost through the roof which wastes electricity and money.

With the most up to date models in our showroom our underfloor heating systems mean that you can have a temperature control in each room of your home. This means no more radiators taking up space and this can create a wider space in your home. The temperature control also means lower electricity bills and warmth when you want and need it. Let us help you to enjoy the comfort and benefit that you receive when you install electric underfloor heating in your home.

Contact us to see how we can help you install an efficient underfloor heating system for your home. We can offer you several alternatives for underfloor heating options which will save you energy, insulate your home and save you money.

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