Natural Stone

At Simply Tile & Bathrooms we have a large selection on stone flooring & wall tile options for you to choose from. Our sales team can guide you in choosing the natural stone that will suite both your design and practical needs. Whether for use in your kitchen, bathroom or any living space, our Natural Stone Tiles are low maintenance and easy to keep clean. Our collection of natural stone tiles are sourced from around the world and bring a touch of elegance to any home, whether traditional or contemporary.

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The natural stone tile choices on view in our showroom include:

natural stone manchester cheshire

Limestone Flooring

Natural limestone underfoot has a luxurious look and feel which makes it a popular choice. It is both practical and durable and is an excellent choice for flooring. The light colouring of the stone reflects light upwards helping to make the room brighter. The highest quality limestone will not wear over time or stain.

Limestone can be mixed with quartz to give an exceptionally hard wearing finish to your stone floor. We stock many types of limestone that can be used both inside and outside of your home in many shapes and sizes to suit you.


Travertine is in fact a form of limestone that results from mineral deposits left by springs. Travertine has always been a popular building material in use since Roman times. Our showroom has many different options of travertine stone flooring that we supply and fit. We have a wide range of rich and creamy colours for you to choose from that can complement a variety of homes.


Marble is a great stone that produces a luxurious effect in any home. We offer a variety of beautiful colours in marble to give you a unique and classic look. In our stone flooring collection you will see Crema Marfil, which comes from Alicante in Spain, this marble has distinctive beige, ivory and pink colours and is one of our most popular stones.


Sandstone is a beautiful stone that will create beautiful floors or surfaces to compliment your home. Sandstone is a sedimentary rock that has a wide range of colour variations including grey, yellow, red and white. One of the most popular sandstones is Fossil Mint which gives a strong colour combination of beige and peppermint. Sandstone has been used in building since prehistoric times and still remains a popular choice of stone floor and tiling today.

Slate & Quartzite

Slate is a practical and durable material and as such great for wall and floor tiles both on the inside and outside of the home. Our range includes all colours and the darker colours contrast well with light coloured furniture. Slate can give many different types of feel to your kitchen or home; rustic, contemporary or traditional.

If you are not sure whether marble or limestone, slate or travertine or sandstone is the type of stone you are looking for your tiles or stone flooring come visit our showroom and our dedicated staff will be available to assist you in choosing the right stone to suit your budget and needs and add a beautiful stone finish to your home.


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