Creating a beautiful top end bathroom on to a budget is possible if you choose the right fixtures fittings and materials...

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For the most part, installing tiles outdoors is pretty much the same job as installing tiles indoors. That being said, there are certain important differences to take into account and to keep to mind throughout the process for the simple reason that outdoor tiles are exposed to somewhat different conditions than those on the indoors. Nevertheless, each and every one of the astounding benefits of high quality tiles can and should be made the most of across as many exterior living spaces as possible – this is one investment you will simply never regret making. (more…)

Over the past few years, industrial décor has become the biggest thing to hit the interior design market in recent history. From raw brickwork to exposed pipes and right through to the inclusion of factory style furniture and lighting, anything and everything that brings something of a stripped-back, unfinished look and feel to the rooms of the home is right now incredibly sought-after. (more…)

One of the very best things about choosing tiles as a floor covering is the way in which it is perfectly possible to personalise and customise your own floor to your exact specifications. That being said, there’s a big difference between wanting a 100% unique tiled floor all of your own and knowing where to start when it comes to making it happen. (more…)

Up and down the UK, more households than ever before are considering underfloor heating as an alternative to conventional radiators and heating systems. The fact that such technology is now more affordable and accessible than ever before is making it a genuinely realistic prospect for so many households which may have previously been unable to budget for such a change. (more…)

When it comes to interior lighting, the bathroom often tends to be the most overlooked room of the home. More often than not, lighting for the bathroom means whatever it takes to get the job done and that’s about it. This is something as a shame as not only can a well-lit bathroom be a great living space in its own right, but with the amount of time you spend staring at yourself in the bathroom mirror, chances are you could benefit from quality lighting. (more…)

So to get the bad news out of the way first, with the one exception of the kitchen, the bathroom is in fact the most difficult, problematic and in some instances painful room of the home to go about remodelling. This is why it is almost always advisable to call in the professionals when and where there is anything to do that isn’t rather remedial, though there will always be plenty of plucky DIY types who love to get stuck in it with their own personal projects. (more…)

Wall and floor tiles for the kitchen and bathroom come in literally infinite different shapes, sizes and styles these days. From the super-simple to the entirely outlandish, pretty much anything you can think of can now be recreated using one form of tiling or another. Nevertheless, regardless of all the newest designs and breakthrough materials that find their way onto the market, it’s hard to deny that anything ever has or ever will have the same unique appeal as that of natural stone. (more…)

For those who prefer to plan ahead, the time for considering the year’s most fashionable and downright fabulous autumn decorating trends is already here. Sure, the summer is still here, but once again in the snap of a finger we’ll be knee-deep in falling leaves and the wonderfully unique colours and hues of the Great British autumn.

2015’s summer tiling trends were once again stone-cold stunners, with a resurgence in popularity of bright, bold and in some instances rather outrageously colourful tile lines and collections. Much of this is set to continue right through the autumn months, but for those looking to make a change in a manner that’s geared toward the autumn itself, certain tiling trends are already making waves among professional interior décor circles. (more…)

If you’re looking to add that undeniable ‘wow’ factor to your own bathroom without spending a fortune, one of the best ways of doing so is to consider a tile mosaic. What we’re talking about here isn’t covering a whole wall with an intricate mosaic design, but rather creating a smaller artistic centrepiece with the potential to bring the room as a whole an incredible new dynamic.

Armed with just a handful of tiles, you’d be astonished at the kinds of artistic woks you can come up with. Best of all, it’s exactly the kind of job that’s suitable for those with a taste for all-things DIY and is probably one of the most affordable of all home improvements across the board. (more…)

Grout – even the word sounds about as much fun as…well, grout! (more…)


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