Autumn Tiling Trends – Looking Ahead

For those who prefer to plan ahead, the time for considering the year’s most fashionable and downright fabulous autumn decorating trends is already here. Sure, the summer is still here, but once again in the snap of a finger we’ll be knee-deep in falling leaves and the wonderfully unique colours and hues of the Great British autumn.

Summer tiling trends were once again stone-cold stunners, with a resurgence in popularity of bright, bold and in some instances rather outrageously colourful tile lines and collections. Much of this is set to continue right through the autumn months, but for those looking to make a change in a manner that’s geared toward the autumn itself, certain tiling trends are already making waves among professional interior décor circles.

Wood Effect Tiles

For example, autumn is a genuinely magical season where nature puts on the kind of display that’s only seen at this time of year. When the outdoors are awash with rich browns, yellows, reds and greens, there’s very little more effective or appropriate for the indoors than a lavish dose of wood. Or in this instance, wood-effect tiles which deliver the outstandingly beautiful finish of natural wood combined with the durability and ease-of-maintenance of high-quality porcelain. Used in bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms and throughout the home in general, wood effect tiles are once again primed to steal the spotlight in a big way this coming autumn.

Matte Porcelain

While summer may be all about brightness and bathing in the briefness of the sunny season, autumn is a significantly more laid back, elegant affair. As such, it’s hardly surprising that matte porcelain tile ranges are already making waves as a prime choice for autumn home makeovers. The glossy shine of polished porcelain has a unique glory all of its own, but at the same time there’s something downright irresistible about the richness, indulgence and perceived exclusivity of tiles with a sublime matte finish. For autumn, look to browns, blacks, beiges and deep reds for a warming effect that’s like no other.

Natural Stone or Slate

As already touched upon, nature’s majesty during the autumn season effectively sets the example for every appropriate design trend and interior décor theme. As the leaves fall and the weather cools, a rich dose of warmth and comfort can be added to the home with high-quality stone, slate or stone/slate-effect tiles. Surprisingly affordable and suitable for use across the walls and floors of the whole home, the timeless elegance of natural stone is simply magical for the whole year but really comes to life in the autumn.

Patterned Tiles and Mosaics

Last up for the time being, autumn represents a wonderful time to get a little bit creative with the tiles you choose for your home. One of the most hotly-anticipated trends of the season is that of using heavily/intricately patterned tiles in browns, whites, oranges and blues to create that incomparable rustic look and feel in any room of the home. Or for a truly unique finish, why not invest in a selection of smaller tiles in the same colour palette and create your own autumn mosaic?

Keep your eyes peeled for more autumn insights from Simply Tiles and Bathrooms, or give our team a call today for more information.

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