Underfloor Heating – An Exceptionally Advantageous Choice

Up and down the UK, more households than ever before are considering underfloor heating as an alternative to conventional radiators and heating systems. The fact that such technology is now more affordable and accessible than ever before is making it a genuinely realistic prospect for so many households which may have previously been unable to budget for such a change.

Here at Simply Tiles and Bathrooms, we work closely with the folks at Warmup – the world’s best-selling underfloor heating brand. In order to assist our customers in making the best possible choice with their own underfloor heating, we asked the experts to share a few tips not only on how to choose the most appropriate type of underfloor heating, but also on the benefits those going about such installations can expect.

Choosing the Right Underfloor Heating

In order to illustrate what must be taken into account when choosing an appropriate heating system, Warmup shared the following infographic:

The Advantages of Underfloor Heating

As for the advantages of these kinds of heating systems, there are many ways in which the average household stands to benefit by making the switch to the highest quality underfloor heating system on the market.


In terms of efficiency, there really is no alternative heating system currently available that offers the same level of efficiency as underfloor heating. Not only are the systems in general designed to minimise energy consumption and maximise output, but the way in which the heat itself is delivered to the room is exponentially more efficient than it is in the case of standard of central heating systems.


Another clear advantage of the underfloor heating system is the way in which little to no maintenance is required whatsoever as there are no moving parts to speak of. If the system is installed properly in the first place and is of high enough quality, absolutely no regular maintenance is necessary and there is also very little that can go wrong with the system which in turn reduces the likelihood of facing any future maintenance or repair costs.


The problem with conventional radiators and heating systems is the way in which they tend to make certain areas of any given room unbearably hot while at the same time barely adding any heat to others. This is hardly efficient for comfort, which is precisely why the underfloor heating solution makes considerably more sense as the heat is evenly distributed throughout the room.


It’s also worth bearing in mind that to do away with standard radiators in favour of underfloor heating entirely eliminates the likelihood of anyone using the room – children in particular – from suffering accidental burns. It has also been proven in tests that underfloor heating can be beneficial for those with allergies or asthma as the system as a whole produces considerably less airborne dust than other conventional heating systems.


Last but not least, with no protruding radiators to worry about you are free to decorate the rooms of your home exactly as you want them to be without having to worry about the positioning of furniture, appliances and decorative items in general.