Tiling Trends: What The UK’s Style Gurus Are Buying.

Each year, vast swathes of the population look toward the UK’s leading style icons for tiling trends.


What kinds of tiles will those going about a refresh be putting up in their bathrooms?

This year is proving to be a year when a great many classic ideas are being revisited, with one or two newcomers making a welcome appearance.

So, if you’re planning to go about a minor or major bathroom overhaul this year, here’s a quick look at five of the top tiling trends as recommended by those who really know what they’re talking about:

1 – Matte Finish Tiles.

This one came out of nowhere to take a fair few of us by surprise, but in any cases, matte tiles are once again very much the ‘in’ thing this year. There’s something uniquely elegant and timeless about tiles which forego the usual shine in favour of a more powdery and soft finish. Not only do they look amazing on the walls, but can make a supremely attractive floor covering too. Colours of choice remain the old favourites of darker blues, greys and various blacks – all of which can be mixed for an outstanding result.

2 – Tile Framed Mirrors.

Another old classic that’s making a comeback this year is the flat-mounting of mirrored panels among the tiles themselves, in order to be then framed in a series of tiles which in some way contrast to those of the rest of the room. A wonderful idea for bathrooms where space is limited or for anyone looking to create a minimalist feel, this is the only real way of keeping your mirror or mirrors flush to the wall but still having them stand out.

3 – Homemade Mosaics.

We just cannot say enough good things about tile mosaics for bathrooms, which this year are being embraced and experimented with more than ever. There may be thousands of cliché standards when it comes to mosaic design, but what makes this year’s movement so exciting is the way in which it’s the homemade mosaic that’s topping the bill for most. Having a go yourself is as easy as taking home a selection of tiles in any shape, colour, design and quantity that takes your fancy in order for you to then play with them a little like a puzzle until you find a pattern you like. And when you do, getting them up on the wall, (or floor) is child’s play.

4 – Natural Stone.

They say the oldies are the goodies and in this instance ‘they’ couldn’t be more on the money. Once again, tiles that are either made from or give the appearance of natural stone are making a big name for themselves this year, which is great news for anyone looking to decorate their bathroom in a wholly timeless manner. Natural stone never has and never will go out of style – it really is that simple.

5 – Wood Effect.

Last but not least, there’s simply nothing on Earth that creates a more warming and inviting feel than wood effect bathroom tiles coupled with a gently warming lighting system. From the richest of dark woods to much lighter and fresher finishes, wood effect tiling is a little like natural stone in that it’s every bit as fashion-forward as it is quintessentially timeless.