Tile Grouting Tips For DIY Types.

Grouting tiles is one of those jobs that can either be borderline pleasant or an unmitigated nightmare.


Contrary to popular belief, it’s entirely down to the way you go about it that makes the biggest difference – it’s rarely in the hands of fate.

So with the sanity of the country’s DIY types in mind…

Here’s a quick overview of a few top tips for grouting kitchen and bathroom tiles the right way:

1 – All Grouts Are Not Created Equally.

Right off the bat, there’s a very good reason why some types of grout you can pick up for literally pennies while others cost about ten times as much. The reason being that some are brilliantly suited to the job and easy to use, while others are neither. So while you might make a small saving going for the cheaper option, you’ll quickly wish you hadn’t bothered.

2 – Cleanliness Counts.

The cleaner and better-prepared your working area, hard surfaces and the tiles themselves are prior to going ahead, the easier the whole job will be. From the actual quality of adhesion to the ease of ensuring an even and attractive finish, don’t compromise the whole job with a lack of cleanliness.

3 – Remove Spacers.

Don’t fall into the trap of leaving the tile spacers in place while applying the grout, as to grout over them will result in a seriously flawed area of weakness that’s guaranteed to crack over time.

4 – Creative Colours.

The key when it comes to choosing the colour of your grout lies in making the right statement without going OTT. The idea is to frame your tiles in the best way possible to really set off the bathroom’s colour scheme – not to take it over or cause unpleasant clashing. So feel free to be creative with colour choices, but don’t get carried away.

5 – Watch the Water.

Quite simply, the biggest and most common mistake of all made by home grouting types is that of adding too much water into the equation. If you mix the grout too thinly in the first place, you’ve blown it. If you use too much water to clean the tiles prior to the grout hardening, game over. The manufacturer’s instructions will offer a very precise guideline as to how much water to use – follow it to the letter.

6 – All In Good Time

For the simple sake of avoiding any kind of slip-ups, it’s a good idea to take the amount of drying time you’re told to wait and add about 25% more on, just for good measure. If it says give it a day, give it a day and an extra morning, for example. It might not be necessary, but it’s a small price to pay to be sure.

7 – Address Haze Immediately.

Last but not least, when it comes to removing any of the haze that appears on the surface of your bathroom tiles during the grouting process, try to get rid of as much as possible within three hours max. Some insist it’s better to wait overnight, but in reality this just leads to the haze being all the more difficult to remove so you’re really just making more work for yourself.