Six Simple Summer Makeover Tips For Your Bathroom

Mention the idea of a bathroom makeover to most and chances are they’ll envisage large-scale repairs and upgrades that pack a pretty price to say the least.

In truth however it really doesn’t have to be this way as with a little imagination, it’s perfectly possible to give any bathroom a delightfully effective and attractive summer makeover without having to spend a great deal at all.

So if you’d like to bring a little of that sultry summer brightness into your own bathroom, here’s a quick look at a few tips for making it happen for next to no expense:

1 – A New Shower Curtain

First up, never forget that the shower curtain in your bathroom is one of its most prominent features and tends to be the first thing most look at upon entering the room. As such, adding a gorgeous and vibrant splash of colour can be as simple as investing in a new shower curtain, bursting with the colours of summer and the patterns of your choosing.

2 – Change Your Towels

Again, another of the bathroom’s most prominent and important features will always be the bath and hand towels themselves. This in turn provides enormous scope of opportunity when it comes to the various colours, styles and combinations thereof you can choose from. And of course, investing in a new batch of summer towels is far cheaper than redecorating the whole bathroom!

3 – Coloured Tiles

These days, quality bathroom tiles are so affordable and so easy to install that giving your bathroom a gorgeous new look and feel can be a piece of cake. Use tiles to frame a mirror, create a colourful mosaic or perhaps go the whole hog and re-cover the floor – any and all of these will add up to a remarkable difference.

4 – A Touch of Nature

During the spring and summer alike, nothing is more effective when it comes to brightening up the home than bringing a little nature into the mix. The bathroom is no exception either, so why not bring a little of the outdoors to the indoors with a few gorgeous plants, blooms and blossoms? Just be sure to choose plants that can withstand the humidity and frequent temperature changes of the average bathroom.

5 – Soak Up the Sun

It’s not as if the UK is blessed with an abundance of sunshine at the best of times, which is why it’s so important to make the most of it while it lasts. This can be done by investing in one or more mirrors for the bathroom, which not only maximise natural light brilliantly, but also create the illusion of added space.

6 – Bright Art

Last but not least, the bathroom often goes overlooked when it comes to the rooms of the home chosen to display pictures, photographs and art in general. However, add a few bright decorative touches to the walls of your bathroom and chances are the resulting effect will be both immediate and outstanding.