Mosaic Tiling Tips – Dream Décor with DIY

If you’re looking to add that undeniable ‘wow’ factor to your own bathroom without spending a fortune, one of the best ways of doing so is to consider a tile mosaic. What we’re talking about here isn’t covering a whole wall with an intricate mosaic design, but rather creating a smaller artistic centrepiece with the potential to bring the room as a whole an incredible new dynamic.

Armed with just a handful of tiles, you’d be astonished at the kinds of artistic woks you can come up with. Best of all, it’s exactly the kind of job that’s suitable for those with a taste for all-things DIY and is probably one of the most affordable of all home improvements across the board.

A quick look at a few tips for getting it right with your first tile mosaic

1 – Seek Inspiration

First up, if you’re not entirely sure how to get started there’s a whole world of inspiring ideas to take a look at online. Just carry out a quick search for tile mosaics and chances are you’ll find thousands of them to take a few notes from. Of course you don’t want to go taking any ideas wholesale however as the real beauty of the tile mosaic is the way in which you create something that’s 100% unique to you and you alone.

2 – Plan on Paper

Rather than just going hell for leather, draw a rough sketch of the wall you plan to brighten up with a mosaic and play around with a few ideas on paper. This way, there’s a good chance you’ll brainstorm something that you may never have come up with had you decided to dive straight into the installation of the tiles themselves. And of course, it’s all the more fun if you get the rest of the family to help you out along the way.

3 – Get Colourful

If it’s to be a relatively small mosaic used to brighten up an otherwise plain wall, don’t be afraid to use the kinds of colours you might normally have stayed away from. Anything from glittering greens to bright reds to deep blues and more, it’s really impossible to go wrong when you’re creating abstract art like this.

4 – Random Can be Beautiful

Speaking of abstract, never forget that a mosaic does not in any way have to be uniform or be created in any kind of specific pattern. In fact, more often than not it’s the 100% random and haphazard mosaics that tend to be the most effective – these are also the mosaics you know are 100% unique to your bathroom alone.

5 – Don’t Overlook the Prep

You may only be looking to fix a few tiles, but this doesn’t mean you can overlook the importance of proper preparation. This means preparing the walls, having all the right tools for the job and of course the best quality adhesive you can lay your hands on. It’s also highly-recommended that you take on a little assistance from a friend or family member too.

6 – Branch Out a Little

Last but not least, if you’re happy with the result and would like to take things further, consider branching out a little by using the same mixture of coloured tiles to frame your mirrors, doors, windows or any other feature in the bathroom. It’s a small job that can make a genuinely spectacular difference.