Minimising Bathroom Makeover Costs with Common Sense

It’s hard to imagine any kind of bathroom makeover ever being anything other than a hugely expensive and rather painful undertaking.

Nevertheless, with a little imagination and one or two tips from the pros, it’s actually possible to transform even the dowdiest of bathrooms into the kind of living space you’ll be finding any excuse to spend time in.

Here’s a quick introduction to a few examples, courtesy of the Simply Tiles and Bathrooms team:

Wood-Effect Floor Tiles

First up, why foot the (extortionate) bill for a real wood floor for your bathroom when wood-effect tiles are cheaper, easier to install, easier to look after, longer-lasting and every bit as beautiful? When you take into account the actual square metre price of quality wood effect tiles, it’s actually one of the most affordable ways imaginable of changing an otherwise boring bathroom into an outstanding interior living space.

Tile Mosaics

If you like the idea of adding tiles to the bathroom but aren’t quite ready/able to go about a total floor and wall re-covering, how about a gloriously colourful mosaic? What’s great about a tile mosaic is the way in which it can bring life to pretty much any wall and can be created to exactly the shape, size and design of your choosing. With just a few handfuls of tiles and a couple of hours, you can create a genuinely unique work of art for absolute minimal costs.

Wall Decals

If you have the kind of wall coverings that can support them, wall decals represent an absolutely brilliant way of creating a striking visual focal-point for the room in a way that’s both inexpensive and impermanent. From floral patterns to leaves to animal and all manner of abstract designs to boot, there are millions to choose from and they really couldn’t be easier to play around with.

Feature Framing

Another fantastic idea for anyone not looking to go the whole-hog with a total overhaul is that of using the tiles of your choosing to frame any existing features in the bathroom. From sinks to mirrors to windows and even the doors, just a single-layer coating of tiles around the edges can build a remarkably striking effect – especially if the tiles used contrast beautifully with those of the surrounding colours.

A Single Wall

Never forget that the bathroom is the kind of room where it’s both possible and easy to get away with painting or tiling a single wall in a wholly different colour/finish to the rest of the room and making it look downright awesome. Take home a bunch of tiles or apply a coat of paint to just one of the main walls to create a look and feel of total transformation.

Handles, Taps and Accessories

Last up, one of the quickest, easiest and most surprisingly-effective ways of overhauling the bathroom is to simply go about a comprehensive swap/upgrade of the current taps, handles and accessories. From towel rails to door handles to hangers and so on, revamp these with a fresh batch in the colour or finish of your choosing to really lift the bathroom as a whole.