Making The Most Of Your ‘Cosy’ Bathroom Design.

While some homeowners are blessed with all the space in the world, most are sadly anything but.


As bathrooms tend to be the rooms of the home the least time is spent in, they also have a tendency to be the smallest. Sadly, feeling like you have to breathe in and hold your breath just to fit through the bathroom door in the first place is a sure-fire recipe you’ll more lament than love.

Bathroom design can often be the selling point of a property.

But here’s the thing – there are so many ways and means by which even the tiniest of bathrooms can be made to look and feel so much bigger, which doesn’t necessarily demand any serious building work.

Try any combination of the following bathroom design tips and you’re guaranteed a final result that’s roomier-feeling than you could have imagined possible:

1 – Corner Sinks.

They used to be pretty pricey commodities, but these days aren’t anything of the sort. Standard sinks can really get in the way and have a habit of dominating bathrooms – pedestal sinks can also be very inconvenient. The amount of space a simple corner sink can free up however is incredible.

2 – Shower Doors.

Consider investing in a shower door that opens with a concertina effect, or perhaps an old-school (though high quality) shower curtain. The reason being that if you have an otherwise wonderful shower door that has to swing open outwards, it can make the bathroom all the more cramped and limited.

3 – Floating Vanities.

Should it be possible, consider the installation of a wall-mounted or ‘floating’ vanity, which not only adds a much roomier feel to the bathroom but also frees up a good deal of space underneath for storage.

4 – Rounded Corners.

There are some bathroom design tips that come down to personal preference, but it’s a little-known fact that if you opt for rounded corners, things immediately look bigger. So consider rounding off the corners of the vanity and any other furniture in the room for a noticeable difference.

5 – Walk-in Shower.

When you install a walk-in shower, the only additional space taken up is that of the door or screen. By contrast, a ready-made shower cubicle may represent an attractive and convenient choice, but will naturally eat into the bathroom’s available space.

6 – Pick Your Patterns.

If planning to use decorative prints on you walls, floors or anywhere else, go for a pattern where the detailing is large. If, for example, a single square metre features three large stripes rather than 50 smaller stripes, the room will immediately look and feel considerably roomier.

7 – Mirror, Mirror On the Wall.

One of the oldest and most effective tricks in the book is to extend the bathroom’s mirror horizontally so that it covers more of the wall than just the area needed over the vanity. Mirrors are just brilliant for making rooms in general feel roomier.

8 – Don’t Forget the Back of the Door.

And finally, never forget that you have yourself a ton of space that often goes to waste on the back of the bathroom door itself. From over-door hanging storage units to shelves to simple towel rails, there’s a lot you can do with the couple of square metres, so put it to good use.