Making the Most of a Smaller Bathroom – Five Expert Tips

You can say what want about the ‘cosiness’ of your own bathroom, but given the chance there’s no denying you’d probably kill for a bit more space!

It’s the same with the overwhelming majority of households and families up and down the UK, for whom space across the home in general tends to be at quite the premium to say the least.

However, the good news is that with the help of a few tips and tricks from the experts, you can help give your smaller bathroom a surprisingly effective new feeling of spaciousness and perhaps free up a little physical space at the same time.
Here are five to try out this summer:

1 – Corner Sinks.

First of all, it’s surprising just how rare corner sinks still tend to be used these days given how effective they are when it comes to freeing up space in the bathroom. These gorgeous little units don’t tend to cost any more than standard sinks and sink units, so when the time comes to go about a replacement next time around, give thought to how big of a difference a corner sink might make.

2 – Wet Room Conversion.

If you’re looking to really increase the space available to the most dramatic extent possible, nothing ticks the right boxes quite like a full wet room conversion. Yes, it’s a big step to take, but by removing pretty much everything about from the most important fixtures, you simply will not believe how enormous even the smallest of bathrooms can suddenly look and feel.

3 – Big Mirrors.

In terms of optical illusions, there are none that will do your bathroom more of a favour in space stakes than a large mirror or mirrors on the wall. Mirrors immediately add life and brightness to any bathroom, though in the case of a smaller bathroom are brilliant for making the place look and feel so much bigger. Experiment with as many different shapes and sizes as you like.

4 – Floating Vanities.

Another change to consider as far as furniture goes is the installation of a floating vanity. As the name suggests, these are the vanities that are fixed to the wall and therefore do not take up any floor space at all. The space saved can be used for storage purposes in order to free up other areas of the bathroom and to create extra space. And of course, the fact that they look fantastic doesn’t harm matters either!

5 – Larger Patterns and Prints.

Last but not least, when it comes the bathroom tiles you choose for the walls and floors of the room, try opting for larger patterns and prints. Whether it’s larger designs, wider stripes or anything else of a similar nature, larger and wider patterns give more of a feeling of space than smaller patterns. You could also opt for a colourful mosaic using coloured tiles, or perhaps experiment with different gloss and matte finishes to see which brings your bathroom the best possible look and feel.