Lowering The Costs Of Bathroom Remodelling.

Of all the rooms in the average home, it’s usually the bathroom that gets overlooked in terms of remodelling.


Of course, it’s also the room you spend the least time each day in, but at the same time there’s nothing worse than a bathroom that doesn’t make you feel proud, comfortable and generally at-home.

The simple fact is of course that people just don’t have endless budgets to throw around and so corners inherently must be cut. But in the case of the bathroom, there are in fact a fair few ways and means by which costs can be brought to absolute minimums and more cash freed up to spend on tiles, accessories, a new bath – pretty much anything of real importance.

Here’s a quick look at a few ways of giving overly expensive bathroom overhauls the flush:


 1 – Do It Yourself.

First up, be sure to ask yourself whether you really… as in really… need to call in the pros to help out. If, for example, you’re planning to remove a wall and rip out the bath permanently, then the answer is probably yes… help is called for. However, if it’s just a case of a bit of tiling, putting up some shelves or changing a few fittings, there’s a pretty good chance it’d be much cheaper to buy a few tools and get your own hands dirty!

2 – A Splash of Colour.

As with all rooms of the home, nothing can bring a bathroom to life faster, cheaper and more effectively than a quick splash of colour. Be it a single wall, the whole place as whole or even a few minor accents, colour choices affect the bathroom’s feel, tone, mood and even how large or small it feels. Best of all, it’s cheap and easy!

3 – Tiles Are Tops.

If you currently have a bathroom that doesn’t feature any tiles at all, you have yourself the answer right there on a plate. Tiles can transform a bathroom quite spectacularly and again can be fitted with a little DIY. Whether it’s creating a colourful mosaic on a single wall or covering every wall in a single colour of choice, tiles are perhaps the most timeless asset of all when it comes to gorgeous bathrooms. And unless you really want to indulge, they’re pretty cheap too!

4 – The Little Things.

It’s amazing how much difference a few new accents can make in the bathroom. Don’t fancy shelling out on a new bath? Try replacing the taps with a brushed chrome mixer to breathe incredible new life into the whole room. Vanity not quite ready for the dustbin? Upgrade the sink’s fittings and splash out on a new mirror to make it look like you remodelled the bathroom in full. From door handles to vent covers and really everything else besides, the little things add up to a big difference.

5 – Shop Wisely.

Last up, find yourself a bathroom supplies specialist you can trust and stick with them for everything you buy. Not only does this make your life easier and more convenient, but you also stand a much greater chance of making a good saving if you buy everything in one place as part of a package deal.