How to Incorporate Concrete Tiles at Home…And Make Them Work

Over the past few years, industrial décor has become the biggest thing to hit the interior design market in recent history. From raw brickwork to exposed pipes and right through to the inclusion of factory style furniture and lighting, anything and everything that brings something of a stripped-back, unfinished look and feel to the rooms of the home is right now incredibly sought-after.

Of course, actually pulling it off for yourself and your own home isn’t necessarily as easy as it sounds. A perfect example to illustrate the point would be that of concrete tiles, which have the potential to bring about an incredible transformation though at the same time must be approached and incorporated strategically.

So for those wondering just how natural concrete tiles could be used to enhance a variety of rooms around the home, here’s a look at just a few tips on how to make them work for you:

Frame a Fireplace

The fact that the fireplace is already perhaps the single most important focal point in the room highlights just how effective it can be to create a stunning tile frame. More often than not, simplicity tends to be the number one rule when it comes to creating a beautiful fireplace frame – precisely why so many are created using exposed brick work or black iron. Suffice to say, concrete tiles couldn’t be more at home for this particular purpose and can really accentuate an already stunning fireplace.

Bring Texture to the Kitchen

Kitchens can of course benefit uniquely from an industrial accent, making the kitchen the perfect room in which to incorporate concrete or concrete-look tiles. From the floor itself to that all important backsplash or perhaps simply as a feature to break up an otherwise uniform wall covering, the incorporation of concrete even to a relatively modest extent really can transform the look and feel of the kitchen.

Break Up Bathroom Walls

Speaking of breaking up walls, another room of the home in which this same technique can be used to great effect is the bathroom. If for example your bathroom walls are currently uniform by way of colour and texture, strategically adding a number of concrete tiles into the mix can bring about an incredible transformation and help achieve that quintessential industrial look and feel which along with being supremely contemporary can also be surprisingly cosy.

Fabulous Flooring

The fact that decorative stone flooring has been used in homes and buildings of distinction for much of history illustrates quite conclusively their timeless appeal of genuine simplicity. These days, concrete and concrete-effect tiles are available in infinite specifications and finishes the likes of which can bring a unique touch of timeless elegance and indeed opulent sophistication when used as interior floor coverings.

The Great Outdoors

Last but not least, there is of course little to nothing more effective or practical when it comes to sprucing up and generally improving outdoor living spaces. Whether it’s creating a wonderful contrast with the blue water of the pool or simply bringing to life the colours of your plants and patio furniture alike, concrete tiles are the quintessential staples for outdoor living spaces of true taste and distinction.