How To Avoid Regrettable Bathroom Improvements.

There will always be those that would have you believe that there’s no such thing as getting it ‘wrong’ when it comes to bathroom improvements.

Sadly, these folks are wholly misguided to say the least as while there’s nothing to say that any given style is wrong, there are certain ‘improvements’ that you’re guaranteed to wish you’d never brought to your own bathrooms.

Here’s a look at a few examples of where people slip up on bathroom improvements to illustrate the point:

Too Many Soft Furnishings.

At first, there’s really nothing quite like walking into a bathroom with luxurious rugs, cushioned seating and general soft furnishings all over the place. Unfortunately however, unless you have a truly world-class extraction system that’s able to keep all the damp and moisture out of the air, it really won’t be long until said moisture makes many of these furnishings just plain nasty. After all, there’s a reason bathrooms aren’t generally carpeted these days.

Too Much Furniture, Period.

Still on the subject of furniture, it’s always tempting to head out and buy all those lovely things you always wanted for your bathroom, but chances are you’ll wish you hadn’t if your bathroom is the size of a shoebox. It’s a case of being realistic when it comes to the amount of space you have and also factoring in how the most beautiful and calming bathrooms of all tend to be those with less clutter and the best possible use of open space.

Poor Quality Tiling.

If you cheap-out when it comes to the tiles you choose, you’re in for a pretty unfortunate cavalcade of regrets. First of all, those shiny new tiles you bought for the floor could have the whole place becoming a health hazard that’s more slippery than an ice-skating rink. As for the wall tiles, the final effect you were going for will quickly lose its lustre when the tiles begin to fade, crack, chip, fall off and generally look rather rubbish. You’ll probably only tile once every decade or so, which means it’s worth putting more than the bare minimum into it by way of both effort and budget.

Lacklustre Lighting.

There’s very little that can completely ruin an otherwise stellar bathroom than poor lighting choices. This can go one of two ways, as not only is it possible to destroy your efforts with a bathroom that’s permanently dark, you also don’t want to find yourself with a room that’s brighter than a supernova courtesy of rather hideous fluorescent lighting installations. In short, lighting should never ever be an afterthought.

Overlooking Maintenance.

Last but not least, when you go about a bathroom overhaul it’s probably safe to say that the last thing on your mind will be doing the same again for some time at least. As such, it’s in your best interests to have a good long think about how easy or otherwise it will be for you to clean and generally maintain the bathroom from then on in, as if you make it far too awkward to deal with or nigh-on impossible to keep clean, chances are it won’t be long before you’re reaching for the sledgehammer once again.