Hottest Bathroom Design Trends.

For thousands of homeowners across the UK, the New Year always represents the perfect time to take a good look at their rather dated bathrooms and plan for something all the more exciting over the year ahead.


Bathroom remodelling can be great, but in order to choose a theme that’s not quickly outdated it’s important to balance current trends with genuine timelessness.

A difficult act to pull off?

It certainly can be, but with a few expert pointers and an advance word or two on the most important upcoming trends, you’ll certainly be heading in the right direction.

So with this in mind, what’s already being singled out in terms of the hottest bathroom design trends this year?

1 – Larger Shower Cubicles.

These days, the popularity of showering is rapidly overtaking that of taking baths in most family households. As such, the shower itself is becoming more of a primary focal point for any bathroom and is therefore among this year’s most important design considerations. In this instance, bigger is indeed better as leading bathroom remodeling experts are advising clients to consider much larger, roomier and ideally walk-in showers with no step or boundary. The additional benefit of these fantastically fashionable fittings is their ease of access for those with limited mobility.

2 – Bye, Bye Bathtub.

While it may seem like an extreme measure, getting rid of the bathtub altogether is fast becoming the ‘done thing’ for any household without acres of room to spare and money to burn. Modern life is quickly accelerating the importance of fast, easy, convenient, cheap and environmentally friendly bathroom habits – all of which can be bolstered by getting rid of the bathtub and favouring the shower exclusively.

3 – Free-Standing Baths.

If however, a bath is deemed essential… there is after all little quite as relaxing as a warm bath, this year is going to be the year when free-standing baths take over. Why is this? Well, aside from the fact that they look incredible, they can also be mercifully easy to install and are nowhere near as expensive as they used to be. And when it comes to timelessness, free-standing baths were of course the first types of bath ever used and still look great thousands of years later!

4 – Double Sinks.

Where space allows and you don’t actually need all that much… double sinks are another firm favourite this year. And while on the subject of vanities, we also haven’t come close to seeing the back of the illuminated dressing room-style bathroom mirror yet either.

5 – Metallic Fittings.

Metallic fittings have been the ‘in’ thing for years, but this year are heading in a slightly more interesting direction. Next year, expect to see a variety of bronze, brushed nickel, chrome and matte metallic finishes on taps, door handles and so on.

6 – Hand Showers.

And finally for this list, hand showers may split critics right down the middle in terms of convenience, but for reasons of both timeless elegance and pure simplicity, hand showers are coming back in a big way this year.