Grout Cleaning: Keeping Your Whites As White As Possible.

Here’s the million dollar question asked thousands of times every day – what’s the best way of keeping bathroom tile grout as clean and pristine as possible?


There’s really nothing in the world that can ruin an otherwise stellar tiling effort quite like grout that’s seen better days.

Once pure white, it’s now a mix of browns, blacks and worrying greens here and there, which totally take attention away from the tiles themselves.

And as most will have learned already, restoring brilliance to grout really isn’t as easy as applying a quick wipe, sadly.

So, from a professional perspective, what makes for the best grout cleaning and restoration solution the average DIY type can handle at home without help?

Prevention Beats Cure.

Well, much as it may be cold comfort to those already struggling – preventing grout from going nasty in the first place is much easier than restoring it. It’s just a case of making the necessary effort to clean, dry and generally keep tabs on the stuff on an everyday basis, which is a habit that soon sets in place and seems to take care of itself. Just an extra 10 or 20 minutes added onto the home cleaning regime every few days can make a huge difference.

Specialist Cleaning Products.

If, however, the above ship has sailed, perhaps the most obvious choice to go with is that of a professional cleaning product – as in one that’s been created specifically for cleaning grout. Quality varies and so too does the effort you’ll need to put in – as does the strength of the products, so be careful not to get too up-close-and-personal with them. Usually in the form of a paste, it’s a case of applying it to a brush or cleaning pad of your choosing and getting down to business.

Bleach (?).

Should bleach be used on grout? It’s a tricky question to answer as it all comes down to both the colour of the grout itself and the concentration of the bleach solution you use. For sure, using bleach on coloured bathroom grout is a terrible idea. Likewise, neat bleach can discolour many standard types of white grout and also damage the physical integrity of the stuff. However, some have for their whole lives sworn be the effectiveness of generously diluted bleach, particularly for minor and everyday grout cleaning purposes.

Homemade Products.

Can bathroom tile grout really be cleaned with standard kitchen cupboard ingredients? It can and indeed very much is, say vast swathes of the population. For example, vinegar and lemon juice both contain acids that are great (when diluted) for cleaning, while added extras like baking soda are superb for restoring whiteness. There are tons of recipes online to try out, or you could have a go at cooking up your own.

The Big Cover Up.

Last but not least, the small matter of covering up the nasty grout with a new layer of grout also bears touching upon…because it’s a bad idea. If there’s any dirt, grime, mold or anything else doing its business to the grout, covering it up will allow it to continue as such from the inside. The result will be cracked, broken and even more generally-unpleasant grout than before, so on the whole it’s an avenue best avoided – unless of course you’re willing to give the current grout a seriously intensive clean first.