Grespania’s Coverlam Has Landed at Simply Tiles.

There’s been a fair bit of action happening as of late in and around the subject of new-generation tiles.

But of all the new stuff that’s come and gone of recent years, pretty much nothing has made quite as many waves as Coverlam. Fresh from the ranks of Spanish manufacturer, Grespania, this new take on the classic approach to tiles and tiling has stolen the show at largely every expo and demonstration event it’s been seen at, having proved its potential to well and truly change the way the world thinks about tilting.

And of course, Simply Tiles is once again leading the UK by offering the full Grespania Corverlam range for our UK customers.

Coverlam – What’s the Big Deal?

All brands like to market their new tiles as a big deal – the only difference with Corverlam being that it really is in fact a VERY big deal indeed. Keeping things as simple and clear as possible, Corverlam is the result of several generations of research and development into ceramic technology, which is generally focused on making tiles thinner, lighter, and more efficient in general. While things have been moving in this kind of direction for a while, Corverlam represents a quantum leap forward in advanced ceramic technology.

Grespania’s Coverlam tiles are not only massively thin, they’re also pretty massive in general. On the market in 500mm x 500mm, 500mm x 1000mm, 1000mm x 1000mm, and 3000mm x 1000mm options, they’re some of the biggest commercially available ceramic tiles ever brought to the market. But what’s really astonishing is how these innovative tiles are just 3.5mm thick. That’s getting on for half the thickness of many conventional tiles of much smaller sizes – a feat that would have been totally impossible just a few years ago.

Why it Matters.

Of course, some might argue it’s more of a gimmick than anything else – tile thickness not being the be all and end all of things, right? Wrong. Pretty much everything Coverlam brings to the table is beneficial in more ways than one.

First of all, the sophisticated modern pressing and laminating techniques used to create Coverlam make the tiles uniquely strong and durable. Secondly, the thinner any given tile is, the lighter and thus easier and cheaper it is to transport. The manufacturing process is also implemented in a way that keeps energy use and harmful emissions down to a minimum. And when you’re looking at tiles that are exponentially larger than the average, tiling larger areas becomes not only infinitely easier, but offers the most seamless finish imaginable with fewer grout lines.

So as you can see, Coverlam really is a very, VERY big deal.

Indoors, Outdoors.

As you’d expect from any killer range of tiles, Coverlam can be picked up in a variety of finishes and a huge array of colours. What’s more, it’s perfectly suited to internal and external applications alike – its lightweight properties making it perfectly suitable for buildings with timber frames.

We could rave all day about the incredible benefits of Coverlam, but to be honest it’s better to sum the stuff up in one word:


Give the Simply Tiles team a call today for more information, or to discuss placing an order for Coverlam.