Five Simple Touches To Breathe New Life Into Your Bathroom.

It’s common to assume that in order to breathe new life into your bathroom, you’ll need to undertake a rather painful process of large-scale remodelling.

While in some rooms of the home it’s relatively easy to bring about a welcome change, bathrooms appear, on the surface at least, to be wholly more complicated.

However, it is in fact perfectly possible to add a wonderful new dynamic to your bathroom ahead of the summer season without having to worry about largely destroying the place and rebuilding it from scratch. So, if you’ve been looking for the perfect excuse to implement a bathroom makeover without having to spend a fortune in the process, try any combination of the following for an incredible transformation you’ll be delighted with:

1 – Floor Tiles.

Perhaps the biggest difference of all that can be made without going OTT with the construction work is that of laying a new floor – something that’s perfectly possible with a little DIY elbow-grease. Simply arm yourself with a shipment of quality tiles and spend a few days transforming the floor of your bathroom into a work of art; the likes of which will become a focal point in its own right. From wood-effect tiles to natural stone and all standard porcelain varieties, it’s largely impossible to go wrong.

2 – Wall Tiles.

Of course, the same also applies to the walls of the bathroom as while it’s one thing to slap a new coat of paint on, it’s another entirely to treat the room to a new layer of tiles. Tiled bathroom walls always have been, and probably always will, be noted signs of distinction in their own right, despite being surprisingly simple and affordable to go about. Keep it simple or go mad with the colours and styles on offer – again, you cannot go wrong.

3 – New Taps and Fittings.

You may not have the time, the budget, or even the inclination to go about a full overhaul of the furniture in your bathroom, but that’s not to say you can’t make a huge difference simply by changing a few of the fittings. For example, if you were to go about swapping the taps, door handles, cupboard knobs, and so on for something a little different, you’d be surprised how dramatic the change can be – even though you haven’t really changed a great deal at all.

4 – Mirrors and Mosaics.

The right mirror can really bring any bathroom to life, so if you haven’t replaced yours in some time it might be a good idea to try out a few new options. Likewise, another effective trick is to use mosaics tiled for the walls to either create a frame around the mirror, or perhaps a colourful focal point in their own right.

5 – Soft Furnishings.

Last but not least, the bathroom may not be the first room of the home that comes to mind when thinking of soft furnishings, but it’s amazing the kind of difference new curtains, a couple of throws, or a scattering of colourful cushions could make to the room’s overall ambience.