Five Reasons Why You Need a Free-Standing Bath In Your Life.

One of the hottest bathroom trends of the year, not to mention last year and the previous decade to boot, is the addition of a free-standing bath.

A surprisingly simple change to make and one that’s nowhere near as expensive to go about as it once may have been, free-standing baths are becoming the biggest thing in bathroom makeovers since the invention of the porcelain tile.

What’s the big deal?

Well, most homeowners have their own specific reasons for choosing a free-standing bath, but there are at the same time several unique benefits.


For example, it’s common to assume that a free-standing bath will take up more space than a regular bath and is therefore not suitable for a smaller bathroom. In reality however, it’s quite to the contrary as when you install a free-standing bath you create open spaces all around and beneath the tub. Not only does the bath itself take up no more room than a conventional bath, but you also benefit from the open spaces underneath and around the tub itself – brilliant for creating a sense of spaciousness.


In terms of pure opulence and elegance, there’s really nothing that can transform a bathroom quite like a quality free-standing bath. A mainstay in homes of distinction and something of a symbol of status in its own right for generations, a high-end free-standing bath has the potential to transform any standard bathroom into an incredible work of art in its own right.

Show Off Your Tiles.

Another key benefit to the modern free-standing bath is the way in which it allows you to fully show off your gorgeous bathroom floor tiles. Rather than taking up so much of the bathroom’s floor space and limiting your options for decorative accents, the bath instead sits elegantly on the tiles and allows you to continue the pattern or colour scheme of your choice uninterrupted throughout the room.

Any Excuse.

Chances are you’ll also revel in the fact that when you take home a new free-standing bath, you’ll most likely need to choose new taps and mixers to go with it. These days, the range you’ll have at your fingertips to choose from is simply extraordinary in terms of quality, value for money and diversity. Keep things simple, go for something ultra-modern or create a unique work of art like nothing you’ve seen before – you really can get as creative as you like with fixtures and fittings for free-standing baths.

Increased Home Value.

Last but not least, while it’s certainly something that cannot be guaranteed there is always the chance that your gorgeous new free-standing bath will add value to your property as a whole. It’s no secret that the bathroom is fast becoming one of the most pivotal rooms of all when it comes to determining both home selling prices and appeal in the eyes of buyers – why not give both a gentle nudge in the right direction with the free-standing bath of your dreams?