Five Reasons Why Wall Tiles Are The Only Way To Go For Bathrooms.

There’s really no better time than the start of a new year to think long and hard about getting started with a bathroom overhaul.


And in terms of decorative touches there is one important decision to make prior to going ahead with anything – which type of wall covering makes the most sense.

Now, while there’s nothing to say that all bathroom wall coverings don’t have their own unique benefits and areas of appeal, quality bathroom tiles are genuinely in a league of their own.

Even though it can cost most to install tiles in the first place and the job represents a bigger undertaking than simply going for a new coat of paint, there’s just so much to gain and you’ll always get out more than you put in.

So with this in mind, here’s a quick introduction to the five most inarguable reasons why bathroom tiles really are the very best way to go, every time:

1 – Aesthetics.

First off, there’s absolutely no denying the way in which a stunning covering of modern, high-quality wall tiles can make a bathroom look simply astounding. Tiles have been the first choice for bathrooms of distinction for much of history and quite simply, nothing has changed. In fact, the right tiles lavished on the right bathroom can even work wonders for property values – the effect really is that enormous.

2 – Cleaning.

Next comes the way in which tiles are inherently easier to clean than pretty much any other wall or floor covering on the market right now. It takes little more than a simple wipe after using to maintain a wholly pristine finish the likes of which would soon fade in the case of a simple painted wall. And in terms of hygiene, being able to clean bathroom tiles with all manner of superbly effective products again makes them a winner.

3 – Wall Protection.

When you paint a wall, its surface is still exposed and therefore in the case of the bathroom will inherently suffer damage over time. By contrast, a layer of tiles physically shields the wall from pretty much anything that could cause damage, preserving the quality and integrity of the room’s structure for longer.

4 – Maintenance.

When a painted wall is in any way damaged or begins to show signs of age, there’s really little to do other than repaint the whole thing – even if the unsightly area is limited in size. With tiles however, when any given tile eventually cracks or in any way gets damaged, it’s as easy as replacing this individual tile and leaving the rest in place. So in terms of maintenance, tiles score the points once again.

5 – Long Term Value.

And finally, while it may be true to say that tiles are more expensive to invest in and the effort to fit them can be quite intensive, it’s worth remembering that they’ll go on looking exceptional for years or even decades to come. So in terms of long-term value for money, fitting tiles just once will never be as time consuming or expensive as painting a bathroom over and over again.