Five Reasons To Choose Simply Tiles & Bathrooms.

Here at Simply Tiles & Bathrooms, we’re far from blind to the fact that the UK market is right now flooded with a million and one different tile sellers – they’re everywhere!

What’s more, we’re often asked to put our money where our collective mouths are and explain why it is we think we’re the brand to go with. After all, with your pick of so many different bathroom and tile retailers:

What is it about Simply Tiles & Bathrooms Ltd that makes us a market leader?


1 – Exclusive Products.

Well, first of all there’s the way in which we scour the whole of Great Britain and Europe to find the most incredible and often exclusive tile lines you simply will not find anywhere else at any price. We’re always on the lookout for something new, unusual, and wonderfully exciting, which means that if you’re looking for the kinds of tiles that really stand out from the crowd, you’ve come to the right place! We’re incredibly proud of our extensive tile collections – take a look for yourself and you’ll see why!

2 – Quality Checked and Assured.

Of course it’s not all about quantity and nothing else – we’re just as obsessed with quality. We don’t’ allow a single tile to make it into our collection without first giving it an extensive quality check – if it doesn’t earn our seal of approval, it doesn’t make the cut! This way, we can be confident in putting our name to every tile we list across the range and offer a comprehensive guarantee of quality no matter which tiles you choose.

3 – Independent Advice.

As an independent bathroom and tile retailer, we have no binding ties to any other businesses, brands or tile providers in the UK or anywhere else. As such, when we offer advice to our clients and customers, we do so with their best interests at heart and not because we’re told we have to recommend certain brands over others. When it comes to impartial advice on tiles, tiling or really anything else related to the subject, you can count on us to deliver!

4 – The Lowest Prices.

One of the most important pieces of the puzzle is of course value for money – something we take extremely seriously indeed. For us, value for money doesn’t just mean stocking the cheapest tiles for the lowest prices, but rather stocking the highest-quality tiles for the lowest prices you’ll find them for on the UK market. Feel free to check our prices against any and all other leading competitors – we guarantee you won’t find a better deal.

5 – Pure Passion.

Last but not least, we’re not some all-round decorating brand that also happens to sell tiles as a sideline – quality bathroom fittings and tiles are our passion, our life, and our obsession. Because this is all we do, we’re able to do them better than anyone else in business anywhere in the UK. So, whether it’s objective advice, exclusive lines or the best value for money you’re looking for, you’ll find it in Simply Tiles & Bathrooms.