Five Ideas for Personalising a Tiled Floor

One of the very best things about choosing tiles as a floor covering is the way in which it is perfectly possible to personalise and customise your own floor to your exact specifications. That being said, there’s a big difference between wanting a 100% unique tiled floor all of your own and knowing where to start when it comes to making it happen.

Of course, if you’re the type of person with plenty of creative flair and a vivid imagination, chances are you’ll find it easy to come up with something genuinely spectacular. By contrast, if this is to be your first attempt at coming up with something unique and fabulous for your own home, you might have little to no idea how to approach the job. Technically speaking, there’s no such thing as getting it ‘wrong’ as just as long as the finished result is indeed your own work, it’s something to be proud of. Nevertheless, for those who have genuinely hit a creative brick wall and need a gentle nudge in the right direction, it’s worth bearing in mind that there are basically only five ways in which a tiled floor can be personalised…which are as follows:

1. Colour

First up comes the most obvious personalisation method of all which is that of playing with tiles of different colours. There are infinite ways of going about this, or perhaps the two most popular approaches of all are those of mixing two or more different colours of tiles together to create a uniform pattern, or taking a wide variety of different colours and creating a colourful mosaic effect. In either instance, plan things out on paper beforehand and chances are you’ll come up with something quite spectacular.

2. Direction

This can be slightly more difficult to pull off if you are installing tiles yourself, but in terms of creating an outstanding visual effect by making only the tiniest of changes, altering the direction of your tiles can make a huge difference. What this basically means is taking a square tile for example and interspersing the uniform tile layout with the occasional diamond tile – a simple change in the tile’s direction/angle that makes a real difference to the overall aesthetic.

3. Size

An absolute sure-fire way of creating a marvellous visual effect without in any way increasing the complexity of the job is to play around with tiles of different sizes. Simply by breaking up an otherwise uniform floor covering with the occasional inclusion of several tiles of a slightly smaller size for example can transform an otherwise plain tiled floor into a unique and personal work of art.

4. Borders

Another effective option is that of creating a border around the tile floor using tiles of a contrasting colour, pattern or size to effectively frame and highlight the main floor covering.

5. Texture

Last but not least, there are so many incredible tile ranges on the market today which have been designed to add not only aesthetic value to the rooms of your home, but also physical texture. The addition of a few textured tiles here and there really can transform a standard floor covering into something uniquely impressive. And just for the record the answer is yes – all of the above techniques can also be used to bring any tiled wall to life.