Five Bathroom Design Trends Hitting It Big

It’s becoming abundantly clear which bathroom design trends are hitting home.

Along with a few old favourites, one or two unexpected newcomers have made an appearance and appear to be taking the country by storm. Perhaps the best news of all, however is how some of the biggest and best transformation opportunities out there can be mercifully undemanding when it comes to both labour and expense.

Here’s a quick look at five of the year’s top bathroom design trends making their way into UK homes right now:

Bathroom Living.

Not so much of a décor theme in its own right, but rather a way of living. If you haven’t already come across the concept, bathroom living basically refers to the way in which a bathroom can be transformed from a purely functional in-and-out room to a fully gorgeous living space in which spending time is a pure pleasure. This can be achieved as easily as adding additional furniture that may not be considered ‘normal’ for the bathroom, like an upholstered chair or a bookshelf for example. Think comfort, enjoyment, and versatility for this one.

Gold Fittings.

Also making a huge impact in style circles this year are various gold fittings in and around the bathroom. Undoubtedly, one of those classic crazes that comes around in cycles, we’re just at the beginning of a new wave wherein things like golden taps, mixers, shower heads, door handles, cupboard handles, towel rails and the likes are becoming very much the ‘in’ thing. That is of course, assuming your tiles and floor coverings don’t present a hideous colour clash.


Something else that’s proving hugely popular this year so far is pure and simple creativity. Or in other words, doing literally anything you can think of to make your bathroom 100% unique. One of the most accessible and rewarding ways of achieving this is to get hold of a bunch of decorative bathroom tiles, or all manner of colours and patterns, in order to create your own mosaic to the size and shape specification of your choosing. The great thing here is that abstract can often work best of all, meaning it’s very difficult to go wrong.

Black Furniture.

Always a good idea when looking to pair with gold fittings and fixtures, there’s a pretty widespread craze right now for black bathroom furniture. From the bathtub itself to the units around the sink to the frame around the mirror and so on; black it appears for this year is once again the new black.

Step-Free Showers.

Last but not least, while the wet-room craze may be petering out to some extent, a slight variation on the same design is well and truly in. The step-free shower essentially takes the wet-room and adds a more functional and protective door to keep the rest of the room drier, though the principle is pretty much the same. And better yet, these kinds of showers are also universally appealing for those with disabilities or any kind of restricted movement.