First Time Tiling Tips: How To Get It Right When Going It Alone.

Tiling – some see it as the kind of challenge they can’t wait to tackle, while for others it’s about as exciting a prospect as having a tooth drilled.


In both cases however, DIY bathroom tiling can be uniquely rewarding and satisfying when it’s all done and dusted, with some tidy savings to be made in the process.

Of course, this all depends on the big ‘if’ – that being if you can produce the kind of result you’re hoping for, as opposed to ending up with a wrecked bathroom and red face.

Here’s a quick overview of the five most critical tiling tips for success:

1 – Two’s Company.

First of all – and in total contradiction to the title of the piece – going it 100% alone is never recommended. Even in the smallest of bathrooms, you’ll soon find yourself needing to have something passed to you while holding something critical in place, or using your teeth to substitute the third arm you need to make a pencil mark on the wall. Even if it’s just having one of the kids on-hand to help with these minor bits and pieces, it’s about a thousand times easier to tile a bathroom with at least one other person helping out.

2 – Quality Products.

Take a look at the range of tiles and tiling products on the market and you’ll note a quite colossal difference. Taking grout as an example – some will set you back pennies and others are quite the investment to say the least, though as you’re going the cost-cutting DIY way, you’ll probably favour the lower-end stuff. Bad idea – poor quality products make the tiling process so much harder than it needs to be and are guaranteed to lower your chances of coming out with the results you’re hoping for.

3 – Tools For the Job.

Never just assume that the bits and pieces you have lying around in the toolbox will be good enough to get things done…chances are they won’t be. You could of course try using that old spatula as a grout spreader and those old strips of plastic as tile spacers, but in doing so you’ll be robbing yourself of that professional finish you’d have achieved with the right tools for the job. They don’t come free, but they’re more than worth the investment.

4 – Plan Meticulously.

It’s commonplace for folk to buy a load of colourful tiles and go for a somewhat random approach when fitting them. While this can work however, it’s so much easier to have a full plan of attack before getting started and know what’s going where, what’s going up first and so on and so forth.

5 – Leave Plenty of Time.

Last but not least, if you think you’re going to need one day to get the tiles up and finished, allow yourself a weekend. If you expect it to take you a full weekend, accept that it might end up taking four or five days. DIY tiling almost never goes exactly to plan and to try rushing a result is to stand a 99% chance of regretting it.