Extending the Life of Your Bathroom Tiles: Protecting Your Investment.

Consider the fact that there are so many historic buildings the world over where the same tiles have been in use for literally hundreds of years.


You have to wonder why it is that your own bathroom tiles seem to crack, chip, and generally fade exponentially faster.

It’s never pleasant to face the prospect of having to tear up your hard work and start again, which is why the most advisable approach is to always look after your investment pro-actively and extend the life of your tiles as much as realistically possible.

Here’s a few simple tips for protecting your investment and hopefully your bathroom tiles:


1 – Address Leaks.

First of all, if there is any leaky plumbing in your bathroom – major or minor – you should look to get this patched up as quickly as possible. When your bathroom tiles and the grout keeping them in place are exposed to moisture on a constant, relentless basis as is the case with leaks, it’s somewhat inevitable that they will end up old and worn before their time.

2 – Keep Them Dry.

Still on the same point, it’s hardly realistic or practical to protect your tiles from moisture at all times, but there’s also nothing to say you cannot dry them off after every heavy use. If, for example, the floor or walls are soaking wet after a bath or shower, a quick wipe-down with a towel, cloth or mop will help prevent damage. This is especially important in areas where the water may be more heavily-loaded with minerals than other areas.

3 – Clean Often.

There’s generally nothing positive to gain by allowing your tiles to become wholly filthy before then getting to work with a long-winded and intensive cleaning effort. Not only does it mean more involvement on your part, but also far more time for the dirt, grime, mould, and fungus to do its work damaging your tiles. Instead, it’s much better for your investment to clean far less intensively on a more regular basis.

4 – Gently Does It.

There’s really nothing worse for your tiles than attacking them heavy-handed with an arsenal of chemicals and abrasive cleaning tools – chances are you’ll obliterate their sparkle in no time at all. Instead, it’s a far better idea to use gentler cleaning products on a more frequent basis and to always make sure your tiles are rinsed and dried well after cleaning.

5 – Buy Quality Tiles.

Last but not least, one of the very best ways of ensuring your tiles stay in pristine condition for as long as possible is to buy better quality tiles for your bathrooms in the first place. Supreme-quality tiles manufactured from the best quality materials on the market have the potential to hold onto their looks and luster for decades. By contrast, buy bargain-basement lines and there’s a pretty strong chance that after as little as a month or two, you’ll already notice a few cracks beginning to show… perhaps rather too literally!