Creating a Bathroom That’s Supremely Easy to Clean.

One of the questions we’re asked more than most concerns the age-old struggle against bathroom untidiness.


Considering that the bathroom is the room of the home we spend the least time in, it’s quite astonishing how quickly and deeply it tends to get dirty. But then again, it’s also the room we use to make ourselves clean – often at the expense of everything else in the room.

So here’s the question itself – how can bathrooms be decorated and engineered to minimise cleaning and keep things in order as long as possible?

Realistically speaking there’s only one way to avoid bathroom cleaning entirely and that’s to hire someone to take care of it for you. That being said, it is perfectly possible to fine-tune your bathroom in such a way as to hugely reduce the frequency of cleaning jobs and the effort you’ll need to make – the following tips should point you in the right direction:

Quality Tiles.

First and foremost, it’s fair to say that the higher the quality of the tiles you use in your bathroom, the easier the bathroom will be to clean. There’s really no easier surface to clean with a single wipe the modern tiling, which in turn means that the more of your bathroom you cover in tiles, the more of the room you can clean with a quick wipe. And while it’s only fair to say that some colours are bound to show up dirt and grime faster than others, this really doesn’t matter when it’s so fast and easy to clean up.

Minimise Gaps.

Still on the subject of tiling, it’s worth bearing in mind the way in which what tends to get dirty faster than anything else is not the tiles, but the grout/adhesive between them. Now, there are of course plenty of tiles that need a little room for manoeuvre as they contract and expand, but at the same time this doesn’t mean you need huge, gaping gaps of grout between them. Keep the grout shiny-clean and the whole room will look better as a result.

Minimise Clutter.

Aside from the obvious sink, bath and shower hardware, the only things that can get dirty in a bathroom are the things you yourself put in there. You might be proud of your collection of 645 shampoos and facial cleansers, but the more bottles and jars you have out, the more dust and grime they’re going to collect.

Spare the Surfaces.

And in a similar vein, the more shelves, table and surfaces you have around the bathroom, the more of the stuff you’re trying to avoid will settle on them. Think drawers and cupboards for storage – anything that keeps your goodies out of harm’s way.

Nooks and Crannies.

Last but not least, when going about a bathroom redecorating project don’t fall into the trap of making things too weird and wonderful. The more complex your room is, the more stuff crammed in there and the more intricate the shape of everything is, the more nooks and crannies you’ll create. And as these little gaps and hidden spots are far more difficult to clean than simple open surface, you might find yourself cursing your earlier decisions.