Clout With Grout – How to Keep Yours Gleaming White

Grout – even the word sounds about as much fun as…well, grout! It’s the essential sticky stuff we all need in our lives to hold our tiles in place, but nevertheless proves to be a serious pain in the proverbial when it comes to keeping it even remotely clean and shiny. Sure, it starts out looking awesome, but just a few weeks down the line that lovely gleaming white has been replaced with some nasty brownish-yellow hue that’s hardly inspiring.

Which begs the clear question – what can be done to not only keep grout looking its best, but also cut down the involvement needed to make it so?

Three golden rules for grout cleaning

  • Rule 1 – Cleaning little and often will not only work wonders, but will also save you potentially back-breaking labour in the weeks and months to come.
  • Rule 2 – Don’t overcomplicate things with cleaning products, simply use an approved cleaner or a weak bleach solution for the best possible results.
  • Rule 3 – There’s really nothing better out that at any price for grout cleaning purposes than a simple toothbrush.

If you’ve ever spent hours on end scrubbing grout to the point where you’re ready to make the switch back to lino flooring, you’ll know the pain it entails. And it’s all totally unnecessary as with a little TLC every week or so, it’s a pain-staking process you’ll never have to undertake again.

Choosing the Right Grout Cleaning Product

So really there’s only one decision that must be made which is that of which cleaning product to go with. Bear in mind this is WHITE grout we’re talking about here and not any of the fancy coloured kinds, so if it’s that shiny-white finish you’re looking to restore and/or hold onto, what should you arm yourself with?

  • Branded Cleaners – There are tons of special grout cleaning solutions on the market right now that have been designed specifically for this purpose. Of course some work better than others and you won’t achieve the best results if you only spend pennies, but side with a good brand in a spray bottle and the whole thing becomes a doddle.
  • Diluted Bleach – There are also plenty of people who absolutely swear by the use of diluted bleach, which again when used in a spray bottle can make the job wonderfully easy. Do be careful however as if the bleach is too strong or left to soak in for too long, it has the potential to turn things a little yellower than you might like.
  • DIY Grout Cleaner – Or if you’re the eco-type who’d prefer to try your hand at whipping up your own grout cleaner, one particularly effective recipe is that which combines vinegar with baking soda. It’s a case of mixing the two until the consistency is that of a thick paste, then getting busy with the toothbrush.

Waiting until your grout begins looking plain awful before getting proactive is never the way to go and will only ever result in you having to invest far more time and effort in the process. You know that old adage of a ‘stitch in time’ saving nine? Well, it was pretty much created for this kind of scenario!