How to ‘Guest-Proof’ Your Bathroom This Summer

As the Great British summer once again sets in, millions of households are opening their doors to any number of guests in order to celebrate the sunny season. From dinner parties to barbecues and really any good reason for a get-together, homes up and down the UK are suddenly being invaded by dozens of additional friends, family members and the odd gatecrasher here and there too.

Needless to say, all these extra feet and bodies put quite the strain on the home’s interiors – especially its bathrooms. All of a sudden, a room that may get used a few times a day is bombarded with dozens, even hundreds of uses over a single weekend – it’s little wonder the resulting mess often takes an eternity to clean up.

Here’s a few key tips for guest-proofing your bathrooms this summer:

1 – Clear the Clutter

First of all, never forget that the more stuff there is in your bathroom, the more there is to get dirty…and potentially broken or damaged. By contrast, a totally minimalist bathroom with next to nothing in it at all is a much more difficult place to mess up or harm in any way. So if you didn’t already do so with your all-important spring clean, make now the time that you well and truly de-clutter the bathroom from top to bottom.

2 – Remove Soft Furnishing

Cleaning a few spills splashes from tiles is one thing – cushions, throws and curtains are another matter entirely. There’s a very good reason public bathrooms and heavy-use bathrooms in general never feature soft furnishings – they’re both breeding grounds for germs and are a nightmare to clean. Sure, they look good, but not nearly good enough to justify the problems they may just cause you. Long story short, get rid of them.

3 – TLC for Tiles

Take the time to have a good look at your tiles and see if things could benefit from a little TLC. For example, give them a thorough clean with a protective cleaning product and they’ll be much easier to tend to post-party. If there are any problems with the grout, get it sorted now before it’s allowed to get any worse. And when it comes to chips, cracks and general imperfections, use the old ‘stitch in time’ adage to very much ‘save nine’ further down the line.

4 – Clear Your Drains

Don’t wait for your drains to back up before getting busy with the cleaning products, be proactive and make sure your drains are clean and clear in advance. It costs next to nothing, it’s easy and it could save you a huge headache.

5 – Address Minor Repairs

Last but not least, if you know you have a few minor repairs to carry out and have been putting them off, now’s the time to get them sorted. From leaky toilets to dripping taps to loose cupboard doors and more, chances are one or more of these will explode into a seriously painful problem when put to the test again by the invading summer party hoards!