Can the Right Bathroom Really Improve Your Home’s Value?

One of the most commonly asked questions thrown the way of those in the industry is whether it’s really possible for a bathroom to have a positive impact on a property’s value.


An important question indeed but also one that has a comprehensively simply answer…

…Yes, very much so!

There are two primary reasons why the bathroom/s of any given property can impact its value.

First up, when a bathroom looks in any way dowdy or lacklustre, it dilutes the appeal of the rest of the building and can therefore see huge sums knocked off its prospective value. Secondly, when a would-be buyer sees a bathroom they’re not exactly impressed with, chances are they’ll be adding up how much it would cost to refit the whole thing and therefore once again shedding value from the property as a whole.

So it’s a pretty simple concept to grasp on the whole, but how can anyone make sure that their own bathroom is doing all it can for the value of the property? After all, different tastes and personal desires are bound to play a role in the whole thing, so how can you tune a bathroom to be universally appealing no matter who may be interested in buying the property further down the line?

1 – Go Timeless.

Well, first and foremost, it’s a good idea to steer somewhat clear of any flash-in-the-pan fads and trends that aren’t going to be ‘in’ for very long at all. These are usually easy to spot – they’re weird, quirky and undeniably fun at the time, but chances are a little common sense will tell you that in a few years, they won’t look quite so appealing.

By contrast, go for an altogether more timeless design and you really can’t go wrong. From free-standing baths to natural stone tiles and simple design accents here and there, these have looked stunning for generations and will continue as such indefinitely.

2 – Make the Most of the Space.

Making the most of the space at your disposal does NOT mean cramming every last inch with detritus to bursting point. Cramped and cluttered bathrooms are awful…there’s really no two ways about it. As such, it’s a good idea to think of installing clever storage solutions and units that double-up as functional storage units as well as decorative touches.

3 – Care with Colours.

Neon pink may well be your favourite colour, but there’s a pretty good reason why it’s not seen in a great many bathrooms across the UK. It might seem like a good idea to go completely OTT when it comes to colour choices, but it’s of the utmost importance to consider carefully what kind of effect this may have further down the line for future buyers.

4 – Fittings and Accents.

Last up, don’t overlook the potential power of the ‘little touches’ and accents here and there either. You might not feel like ripping out the sink, but try adding a new set of brushed chrome taps to it and you’ll be surprised by the extent of the transformation. From door handles to towel rails and even that tiny little toothbrush holder, it’s the little things that can add up to a big difference.