Bathroom Tiling: Why It Pays To Go Pro.

Of all the rooms in the home, bathrooms tend to be the most disconcerting when it comes to DIY décor jobs.


Why? Well, quite simply because this isn’t the kind of room where a quick coat of any-old paint and minor move-around will do – pretty much anything you decide to do in your bathroom manually turns out to be a much bigger job than you expected.

Now, there’s nothing to say that bathroom tiling DIY is a bad idea or that you cannot do the job yourself.

But at the same time, should you have a crack at things yourself, or call in the pros to take care of it for you?

In the example of tiling, there are so many reasons why the pro option makes more sense than doing things manually – unless of course you’re talking no more than the addition or replacement of three or for pint-sized tiles. So for those approaching an altogether bigger job, here’s a quick look at a few reasons why paying to go pro is more than worthwhile:


First of all, what would take the average DIY-type a few days or even a week to complete might be done in a matter of hours with the pros on-board. It’s not as if it’s entirely convenient to have the bathroom out of order for days on end, so if you’re the type that can’t put a price on time, it’s more than worth calling the pros and getting the job done fast. And in this instance, a job done fast can also be a job done well.


It’s also worth giving thought to the upheaval and manpower that goes into a larger tiling job – things get very dirty and very tiring very quickly. Of course there’s nothing to say this is beyond the abilities and tolerance of DIY-types, but at the same time it’s so much more satisfying to sit back and watch the whole thing happen at the hands of someone better-suited to the job.


Looking for a result you can be genuinely proud of? You might be happy with your handiwork, but if you’d prefer a result you can call 100%, flawless, and one that will prove to be a valuable asset to the home for years to come, there’s really nothing like the pro touch. Bear in mind that a great tiling job carried out with genuine professionalism can add serious value to any propert,  just a thought!


And finally, while it’s never going to be free to have the pros come in and sort out your tiling job for you, neither are the tools and supplies you’ll need in order to do it yourself. Even if you’re willing to compromise the overall finish by using bargain-basement tools that are really not fit for purpose, you’re still looking at a pretty big outlay. By contrast, the pros have already got the best industry-standard tools in the business and could therefore produce far better results while saving you a pretty penny at the same time.