Bathroom Taps: Surprisingly Simple, Endlessly Effective.

It’s natural to assume that choosing the right colour scheme or tiles for any given bathroom is the only real minefield you’ll come across – until you realise there are thousands of different taps to choose from.


Knowing where to start can be nightmarish as it’s perfectly possible for the right taps to bring a wonderful new dynamic to the whole room – the contrary being the case for entirely the wrong taps.

So from an expert’s perspective, what exactly should be factored in when scouring through the seemingly endless range of taps on offer?


Shape and Style.

Well, the first thing to think about is the kind of shape and style that would best suit the bathroom as a whole. If the bathroom is from top to bottom a tale of graceful curves and classical accents, chances are, an ultra-modern square sink mixer wouldn’t be the most appropriate choice. It’s easy to immediately limit the available options by considering the existing design language of the rest of the bathroom, be it curvy, angular, traditional, modern or really anything else.


The most obvious choices in terms of tap finishes are of course standard brass and chrome. However, it’s quite amazing how big of a difference can be made by opting for something a little less mainstream like brushed nickel, champagne bronze or something of a matte black finish. Consider what would accent your bathroom’s colour scheme most effectively and how possible it would be to use the same finish for door handles, towel rails and so on.


Taps on the market these days vary from the most incredibly efficient water-saving devices ever made right through to those classic Victorian designs that pump out gallons of water by the second. As such, it’s important to factor this into the decision making process as if eco concerns are indeed a cause for concern, several tap varieties can be ruled out right away.

Twin Taps or Mixer.

While separate taps for hot and cold water do have a certain timeless charm about them, they also make it impossible to control the temperature of running water. This can make things like hand and face washing rather difficult or inefficient – a trade-off that needs to be considered carefully before making a final decision.


Just as the right taps can really bring a bathroom to life, old, faded, peeling and generally worn out taps can dilute the impact of everything else in the room. Taps that cost next to nothing may do the same job as those on the market for much higher prices, but at the same time will quickly show their age and not in a positive sense. The right taps can be a long-term investment for decades – it’s always worth keeping quality in mind.

Ease of Cleaning.

And finally, never forget that the more complex the design of the taps or unusual the material, the more difficult it may be to keep them clean on a daily basis. Consider where and how dirt may build up and make a suitable choice in accordance with how much time you’re willing to spend scrubbing them clean!