Bathroom Overhauls: What is a Wet Room and Why Should I Choose One?

Now more than ever before, UK homeowners sprucing up their bathrooms are considering wet rooms.


This is an idea that may once have seemed rather unusual but has become extraordinarily popular as of late.

But with so many different bathroom styles and options on the cards, exactly what is a wet room and why might you want to install one in your own home?

Wet Room Features.

Well, in terms of the biggest difference of all between a standard bathroom and a wet room, the former will generally have a shower area that’s closed off from the rest of the room with a screen, whereas in a wet room, the bathroom itself is the shower screen. Or in other words, the bathroom is somewhat akin to one large shower cubicle.

Now, while this does of course mean that the room as a whole needs to be supremely waterproofed, tiling being a very wise choice throughout, it does open the room up to infinite possibilities when it comes to overall styling.

What Makes Wet Rooms So Popular?

Perhaps the number one motivator for going ahead with a wet room is available space, or lack thereof. If you have a comparatively tiny bathroom with little space to move, every single thing you put in there, including furniture and screens, will make it feel smaller. By contrast, with a wet room you can take out literally everything apart from the shower itself – anything that isn’t 100% essential. Even in the case of the tiniest bathrooms, you simply wouldn’t believe the difference that can be made by converting it into a wet room.

Of course, another key benefit associated with wet rooms is the way in which they can be absolute Godsends for those with mobility issues, removing all barriers and steps associated with getting in and out of a standard shower cubicle or bath. It’s literally as easy as walking into the room and getting down to business – brilliantly convenient.

Last but not least, not only can wet rooms be incredibly fashionable and stylish, but they’re also uniquely easy to clean and maintain. After all, there’s really very little in there to keep clean other than the beautifully tiled walls and floors – a breeze to wipe down from time to time.

What About the Downsides?

In terms of the downsides, the only real drawback that springs to mind is the way in which you have to get used to the fact that when you use a wet room, pretty much the whole room and everything in it gets rather damp, perhaps including the sink and toilet. Of course this all depends on how well the room is set out and constructed, but in most cases you will have to limit what you can and cannot put into the room due to the high moisture levels.

Still, it’s a small price to pay for a new bathroom that looks and feels infinitely bigger than your prior bathroom, while at the same time saving you a great deal of cleaning time, day in and day out.