Bathroom Design Mistakes: Yes, There’s A ‘Wrong’ Way.

It’s often said that there’s essentially no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way of going about bathroom design – sadly however this is idealistic to say the least.

Of course, tastes vary considerably and what suits one may be wholly unacceptable to another, we understand that.

However, across the board there are certain design elements to be aware of that will have the most enormous impact on the final result.

You’ve got the pick of the crop when it comes to things like tiling colours and your own unique accents, but regardless of which direction you take your home bathroom in, the following mistakes should be avoided at all costs:

Overlooking Storage Space.

First of all, even the more wonderfully looking bathroom in the world loses its lustre in a big way if there’s simply nowhere to store the various essentials it needs to house. From cleaning products to towels to cosmetics to laundry and so on and so forth, it’s easy to lose sight of these kinds of things when going for a minimalist feel, but it’s a mistake you’ll regret making. Clever and well thought-out storage solutions are a must.

Squashing In a Shower and Bath.

If you don’t have a great deal of space to play with, this is something you’ll just have to accept and deal with. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is getting wholly wrapped up in the idea of having both a bath and a shower cubicle in the same room if the room in question is barely big enough for one of the two. You can always add a shower attachment to the bath itself, but if space is seriously confined, you should think about going for a shower cubicle alone to save as much space as possible.

Poor Surface Choices and Materials.

It’s hardly a secret that no room of the home becomes quite as damp, humid and generally soaked to the bone as this room, which is why the choice of surface materials counts for so much. While tiles of course make the obvious choice, it’s a good idea to think about using non-slip products for the floor itself in order to avoid accidents. In addition, the odd soft furnishing here and there might look great, but if you add too many rugs, throws, cushions and curtains to the room, it’ll be very difficult to keep them clean and mould-free.


A bathroom that feels overcrowded just isn’t a nice place to spend time in, though crowding comes down to much more than just how much stuff you cram in there. For example, there are certain patterned tile designs that will actually make the room feel smaller, while other examples with brighter and more minimalist designs seem to actively open up the space.

Overlooking Accessibility.

Last but not least, you’ll soon find yourself regretting the decisions you made if it’s a little like traversing an assault course each and every time you want to get in the shower or use the toilet. Never forget that this is a room where functionality counts above and beyond pretty much everything else, so don’t lose sight of practicality.