Bathroom Design: How to Create an Easy-Care Bathroom.

When most homeowners set about the task of decorating their bathroom, they do so with the intent of creating a place that looks and feels awesome.

And the vast majority succeed to, but in so many instances what they end up being left with is a bathroom that’s both pretty and a nice place to be, but an absolute nightmare to keep clean and tidy.

Now, it’s not as if any bathrooms are ever likely to clean themselves and given the nature of what goes on in a bathroom, plenty of muckiness is guaranteed, rather constantly. However, it’s extremely rare for any person or persons to ever genuinely regret creating a bathroom that’s supremely easy to care for, clean, and maintain – even if it does mean cutting down on a few luxuries.

So are you the kind that would much rather spend your time doing wholly more enjoyable things?

Here’s a few choice bathroom design tips that make it supremely easy to look after:

1 – Minimal Surfaces.

First of all, never forget that surfaces not only collect dust, but also encourage you to leave all manner of bits and bobs all over the place, cluttering things up. By contrast, when there are very few surfaces around the bathroom, you really have no choice but to keep things in their place and you also cut down on dust-collection and the like. So when the time comes, keep an eye on surfaces like tables, dressers, unit tops, and so on.

2 – Minimise Fixtures.

Following along similar lines, the more fixtures and bits of furniture you have around the bathroom, the more difficult it is going to be to clean it. Compare an empty room to one with a dozen or so items of furniture in it – which of the two is going to demand the most time and effort to look after? Sure, you’ll need a few bits and pieces for pure functionality, but think more about a minimal contingency of intelligent storage solutions and perhaps give the rest a miss.

3 – Avoid Soft Furnishings.

There’s no denying how great soft furnishings can look in a bathroom – the answer being very! However, due to the moisture and general grubbiness that’s flying around most bathrooms at most hours of day and night, it’s not necessarily a good idea to have too many soft furnishings around. Things like rugs, carpets, curtains, and cushions look great, but they also attract and harbour dirt, grime, and bacteria. And suffice to say, they’re less-than fun to clean.

4 – Quality Tiling.

Last up, there’s really nothing in the world that can make bathroom cleaning a considerably easier job than a coating of the finest quality tiles on the market. The reason being that high-end tiles demand little more than a quick wipe down every now and again to remain supremely clean and hygienic – all with minimal effort required. Coat the walls and floors alike in tiles and you’re looking at a finished bathroom you need never dread polishing up again!