Bath vs Shower: A Property Value Condundrum.

Here’s a common home remodelling question – what happens to property values if you rip out the bath entirely and go with a shower cubicle instead?


It’s all well and good if you have loads of room for both, but what about those who genuinely have to make do with one or the other?

There is of course no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to go when it comes to personal preference – some love the convenience of a shower while for others the bath is the only way to go. But for those that may be considering selling off the property at a later date, it’s important to consider which of the options makes more sense from a financial standpoint.

The Value Of The Bathroom.

In terms of the bathroom’s overall impact on property value, it can indeed be huge. Hit the nail on the head and this room alone can add huge value to the property as a whole – get it wrong however and you may find selling the property nigh-on impossible. But given the fact that everyone’s opinions and preferences differ, how can you know what constitutes the right decision in the bath vs shower scenario?

Consider The Buyer.

The most important and arguably most obvious thing to consider is exactly who you are likely to sell the property to in the future. If, for example, the home in question is a one-bedroom apartment with limited space on an upper floor of a block, chances are it will not be of interest to families or older buyers. As such, it probably will not make any difference to the property’s value in a negative way were you to remove the bath entirely in favour of a shower cubicle. First-time buyers and younger couples are generally quite taken with ultra-modern and efficient bathrooms, so you could even do the property a favour.

However, if the property is large enough to house a family and is in a location/position to appeal to seniors, to remove the bath entirely may immediately rule out certain corners of the buying market. For some, a bath really can be a deal-breaker and even though they can always go about installing a bath manually, they won’t be nearly as keen to take the property off your hands in the first place.