A Fresh Bathroom Makeover This Spring: Bring In The Brightness.

There’s really no better time of year to go about a much-needed bathroom makeover than the spring.

Especially if it’s something you’ve been repeatedly putting off for months, years or decades now. Spring cleaning is one thing, but there’s really nothing like adding a new dynamic to the home’s interior décor by taking things one or two steps further.

A bathroom makeover can be surprisingly easy and don’t have to cost the Earth either.

This may not be the room of the home you spend the most time in, but it’s most certainly an important room when it comes to prepping you for the day ahead, relaxing after a hard day or generally pampering yourself with a few home spa treatments.

So really – what more reason could you need to give your bathroom a glorious once-over and welcome spring with a spring in your step?

A Splash of Colour.

For example, one of the easiest ways of breathing new life into your bathroom without having to wreck the place in the process is to give the whole room a new splash of colour. Be it a single wall, every wall, or just a few of the fixtures or furniture items, all you need to do is add a touch of bright colour here and there to really take things to a new level.

With spring freshness in mind, some of the best colours to go for are pale blues, yellows, pale greens and brilliant whites. Be sure to contrast the colours of your walls and ceilings with appropriate fixtures and fittings to avoid clashes, but rest assured that it’s very difficult to go wrong with the tried and tested staple shades of spring.

Time for Tiling.

When it comes to bringing incredible freshness to a bathroom you can not only see but also feel, there’s nothing that hits the nail on the head quite like tiling. Bathroom tiles are by their very nature uniquely immaculate and present a crisp, glossy and spotlessly clean property that’s wholly unique to tiling alone.

In terms of trends for this coming spring, it’s again a case of keeping in line with the spring colour choice mentioned above, though with the added bonus of being able to get creative with tile mosaics. A simple white-tiled wall can really be brought to life with just a few coloured tiles randomly added into the mix. Or, why not add a focal feature by ‘framing’ your fixtures and fittings with bolder tiles or interestingly patterned tiles?

Clear the Clutter.

Last but not least, whatever angle you take on your springtime bathroom overhaul you should be aware of how effective a simple clutter clearance can be. Spring is all about freshness, cleanliness and order, which in the case of the bathroom is only possible if everything has its place and clutter is avoided altogether.

So, whether this means simply gutting the place of all the stuff that’s really of no use or investing in a few clever storage solutions to make the very best of all space available to you, make this spring the time to finally banish bathroom clutter once and for all.